20. “The composition of the spiritual warfare that takes place at the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world” (Page 179)

                                                The hour of temptation,                                                                                       which shall come upon all the world

                    “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience,                             I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.”                                                                     (Rev 3:10)

(Rev 19:7-8)                                                                                                                              7 Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.                         8 Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear.” (Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of God’s holy people.)

 At the end times, in association with the angels, the brides of Jesus are in spiritual war against the harlot (spiritual prostitute) and evil spirits.
The harlots and evil spirits who were on the same side,
 are in internal conflict each other during the war.
Also, Leviathan, the head of evil spirits that confuses truth and values, is shaking the whole world. 
Therefore, it’s time that we have to understand this composition of spiritual warfare as follows in order to win the spiritual wars in every corner of this world.

 “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” (Rev 12:17)

 (2 Co 10:4-6)                                                                                                                        4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)                                          5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;                                                           6 And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.

DivisionJesus side                     Satan side

 The brides of Jesus

 And he saith unto me, Write Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, these are the true sayings of God.”

Jesus’ soldiers who participate in the Beulah cavalry of the Church in Philadelphia

(Rev 3:12)                                 12 Him that overcomes will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.

(Isa 62:4)                                               4 Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken; neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate: but thou shalt be called Hephzibah-bah, and thy land Beulah: for the LORD delighteth in thee, and thy land shall be married

(Rev 19:14)                                         14 And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean

(Rev 17:14)                                        14 These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.

(Rev 12:11-12)                                11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.                            12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

(Rev 21:9-10)                                       9 And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, Come hither, I will shew thee the bride, the Lamb’s wife.                                    10 And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God,

(Rev 21:17)                                    17 And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel.

(Rev 21:14)                                         14 And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

Prostitute Babylon                    The huge group of                       followers of                  superstition and world          power of Satan that                connects Jezebel’s              spiritual genealogy,  so called Babylon the Great (Rev. 17:5) who is  mother of spiritual prostitutes                    and abominable things            through religious                          heresies, new age                        cults and materialists              symbolize the                                antichrist with world                  power.   

The harlot first joined                forces with evil spirits.            But by absorbing the                  division’s organizations            and strengthening her              own power, the harlots            and evil spirits are now            in internal conflict each          other during the war.
The infightings have                    arisen between the                     harlot and evil spirits                 as a sign of the                               destruction of Satan.                 (Mt 12:24-26)

(Rev 17:7-9)                                     7 And the angel said                  unto me, wherefore                      didst thou marvel?                         I will tell thee the                          mystery of the woman,              and of the beast that                    carried her, which hath              the seven heads and  ten horns.                                                       8 The beast that thou              sawest was, and is not;              and shall ascend out of  the bottomless pit, and  go into perdition: and  they that dwell on the  earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of         life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that  was, and is not, and yet is.                                      9 And here is the mind            which hath wisdom.                    The seven heads are                   seven mountains, on                  which the woman sitteth.                                                                          (Rev 17:16)                                        16 And the ten horns  which   thou sawest  upon the beast, these shall hate the  whore, and shall make  her desolate and naked,  and shall eat her  flesh, and burn her with fire.

(Mt 12:24-26)                                  24 But when the Pharisees heard it, they  said, This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils.                      25 And Jesus knew their      thoughts, and said unto             them, Every kingdom               divided against itself is           brought to desolation;              and every city or house          divided against himself;            how shall  then  his                  kingdom stand?                              26 And if Satan cast out        Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?

(Am 6:8-11)                                      8 The Lord GOD hath            sworn by himself, saith  the LORD the God of hosts, I abhor the excellency of Jacob, and hate his palaces: therefore will I deliver up the city with all that is  therein.      9 And it shall come to pass, if there remain ten men in  one house, that they shall die.        10 And a man’s uncle shall      take him up, and he that burneth him, to bring out the bones out of the house, and shall say unto him that is by the sides of  the house, Is there yet any  with thee? and he shall say, No. Then shall he say, Hold thy tongue: for we may not make mention of  the name of the LORD.                    11 For, behold, the LORD commandeth, and he will smite the great house with breaches, and the little    house with clefts.

(Ps 73:27)                                          27 For, lo, they that are far    from thee shall perish: thou  hast destroyed all them that  go a whoring from thee.


Angels Michael the archangel and the army angels

(Rev 12:7-9)                                      7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,                    8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.                                9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

(Da 12:1)                                              1 And at that time shall Michael stand up,   the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.

(Rev 17:1-5)                                    1  And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, come hither;  I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:                                                2  With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.              3  So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet-coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.      4  And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:                                       5  And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

 Fallen angels-evil spirits Dragon-Satan (Falling Archangel): The head of all    the evil spirits (1 Sa 16:14-16)

The beast from the sea           (Rev 13:1)-Leviathan:              The head of evil spirits              that confuses the truth  and values (Isa 27:1)                          The beast from the             ground (Rev 13:11)                     – False Prophet Spirit:               The head of evil spirits  to witness and prophesy the fake and false testimonies

(Rev 16:13-16)                                13 And I saw three             unclean spirits like                        frogs come out of the                mouth of the dragon,                  and out of the mouth of the beast, and out  of the mouth of the false prophet.                    14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of  the whole world, to gather them to the battle  of that great day of God Almighty

(Isa 27:1)                                            1 In that day the LORD               with his sore and great              and strong sword shall           punish leviathan the           piercing serpent, even          leviathan that crooked           serpent; and he shall slay   the dragon that is  in the sea.

(Rev 20:10)                                        10 And the devil that          deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and  the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

Especially, in this world in the end times, as Satan hands down its capabilities, throne and authorities to this beast, the leviathan, and puts non-religious secular men with power who worship materialism in the forefront, people cannot realize Satan’s deceptive strategy of camouflage (Ps 104:4).

(Rev 13:1-2)                                                                                                                              1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.                                      2 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

The dragon gave him all of its capabilities, throne, and authorities means that the dragon temporarily steps back as the leviathan, which possesses powers of public mass communication and the internet that spreads materialism and mammonism, comes to the front with all the rights and jurisdiction in place of the dragon. This is a camouflage strategy of Satan.

Leviathan, which received all of the authorities from the worldly god Satan as its partner who pursues materialism and mammonism and possesses a transcendental and enormous secular organization (2 Co 4:4), and Satan’s messengers use the irresistible pleasure of wealth to confuse the hearts of those who do not believe and prevent the bright light of the gospel of Christ’s glory from shining down on us (2 Co 4:4/Isa 1:25-26).

(Eph 2:2)                                                                                                                                     2 Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:

(2 Co 4:4)                                                                                                                                    4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

Also, even if somebody maintains decent structure and form on the outside but when the essence of faith has been damaged by the mammonism, the unlawful expediency, favor-seeking, materialism, and wrong actions, he or she has become someone causing a spiritually lawless realm without the Holy Spirit.

What is more important than formality is the pure pursuit of the faith’s true meaning, and this is equipping ourselves with genuineness as the kingdom and the priests of God through the life in which we place God as our priority.

Especially today when materialism is widespread, a stereotype between blessings and curses has been constructed rather than seeking after blessings and materials to evangelize or perform God’s will. If we beg for more materials and worldly things in the name of God to satisfy our passionate blessings, we will lose the essence and purity of religion to follow God’s will. Also, it must be cautioned that the church may become the ground of religion toward worldly blessings in the forefront.

 Such is the outlook of some churches today in which commercialization of the favor-seeking religion has become the norm and the mammonists falsely shouting God’s name widly run around through a deceptive merger with the pursuit of materialistic abundance (Jn 10:12/Php 3:19).

(Jas 4:3)                                                                                                                                      3 Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts

(Ps 66:18)                                                                                                                                  18 If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me:

(1 Sa 16:7)                                                                                                                                   7  But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.

Now, to achieve a sound religious life, we must do away with all the widespread stereotypes of religion toward worldly blessings in main.

 (Ro 12:1-2)
1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.                                                                                2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

 Biases of the religion toward worldly blessings in main 

Failed businessSuccessful business
Low social standingHigh social standing

Also, we have to put off our former unhealthy way of life and old self to be made new in the attitude of our minds, to fight against the powers of dark world and the spiritual temptations of evil.

-Outwardly Pretense and Prejudices That Must be Thrown Away Immediately-

 1 Supremacy based on materials (Mammonism) (1 Ti 6:10/Mt 6:4)   2 Supremacy based on physical attractiveness (Lookism)                       (1 Pe 3:3/1 Sa 16:7/Col 3:25/Jas 2:1-4)                                                                   3 Supremacy based on lineage (1 Co 1:26/Rev 13:1/2 Co 6:4-10)       4 Supremacy based on authority (Jer 5:30-31/1 Ki 21:5-16)               5 Supremacy based on outward pretense (Mt 23:25-28)                       6 Supremacy based on buildings (Lk 21:5-6/Ac 7:47-50/Ac 17:24-25)                                                                                                                                               7 Supremacy based on advertising (Mt 23:5-7/Mt 6:1-18)

(2 Ti 3:1-5)                                                                                                                              1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.            2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,          3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,                                    4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;                                                                                                                                       5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

(Jas 5:19-20)                                                                                                                            19 Brethen, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him; 20 Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.

Furthermore, you should repent the representative sins as follows if you are in.

<1 Sa 12:23-24>                                                                                                23 Moreover as for me, God forbid that I should sin against the LORD in ceasing to pray for you: but I will teach you the good and the right way:                                                                                                                    24 Only fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you.

 (Jn16:9)                                                                                                                                      9 Of sin, because they believe not on me;

(Mt 12:31-32)                                                                                                                           31 Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.                                                                               32 And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.

(Jas 4:17)                                                                                                                              17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

Therefore, now, if you feel that the one who has been called, who is the one who must listen to and take to heart the words of prophesy written in Revelation through the inspiration of God, is you, the time has come to open the door of mystery, realize the purpose of the calling from Jesus who brightens the eyes of our hearts (Rev 5:6), and transform this into the calling in the end times towards the future of eternal life filled with hope.

It is time for us to diligently fulfill the law of Christ of sharing one another’s burdens (Gal 6:2), take off our crowns in front of God and give all the glory to only the Trinity God. With such a humble attitude at the basis, we must steadfastly hold onto the blessings of bearing the fruit of the new covenant given by the grace of Jesus, take them to our hearts and fulfill the calling as the workers of the new covenant.

Also, regardless of how highly ranked people are, the ones being taught ought to do all things with the ones who teach the Word and strive to humbly do our best to fill everyone’s souls with the love and grace of Lord Jesus Christ (Gal 6:2-6).

 (2 Co 3:2-6)                                                                                                                              2 Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men:                                                                                                                                             3  Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart.                                                                                                                                          4 And such trust have we through Christ to God-ward:                                5 Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God;                                                                  6 Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of  the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.

(2 Ti 4:2-5)                                                                                                                              2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.                                       3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;                                                                                                   4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.                                                                                                            5 But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.

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