3. Table of Contents (213 pages)

New Mankind

                                                   Beyond Time & Space

 How to Start?

-The Summary Version of “The Revelation Opened by the Numbers Code”

Table of Contents


This book (The Reader’s Message),

  • Provides answers to all intrinsic questions of the Bible,
  • Tells us in detail about the ultimate results of having the faith,
  • Is the true textbook of salvation, resurrection and eternal life,
  • Is the guide for all existing churches,
  • Is the manual for servants of God who is the kingdom and priest,
  • And, as the final fruits of the new covenant,
  • Shows the future of the progressed new spiritual humankind.

Main Topics                                                                                                                                                                                                               Current Situation of the Religious World (Page 6-7)

  1. Becoming “New Mankind” (Page 8-21)
  2. Joining in “The Seventh Wave” as the bride of Jesus (Page 22-26)
  3. The Seven Blessings of Revelation (Page 27-30)
  4. “The Mystery of the Seven Stars” (Page 31-35)
  5. “The Navigation of the Religious World Symbolized by the 1st /2nd /3rd Heaven, Earth and Sea” (Page 36-43)
  6. “The Structure of the Holy City” (Page 44-52)
  7. Participating in “The Kingdom of Christ” (Page 53-61)
  8. 12 Fruits of the One who overcomes toward Eternal Life (Page 62-64)
  9. Being like the Form of Jesus Shown in Revelation (Page 65-69)
  10. Overcoming difficult time (Page 70-76)
  11. Having the heart of “Believer’s Attitude” (Page 77-84)
  12. Keeping Jesus’ 3 main Commands for the eternal life (Page 85)
  13. Knowing “The mystery of God (Page 86-109)
  14. Symbolical Meanings of Representative Basic Numbers (Page 110-119)
  15. The achieving of the hope of the eternal life (Page 120-125)
  16. The little book within Revelation (Page 126-132)
  17. Comparisons of the Seven Churches and the Church in Philadelphia (Page 133-151)
  18. The Traits that the Churches Described in Revelation 2-3 Must Improve on (Page 152-160)
  19. Summary of major points of the Open Revelation (Page 161-178)
  20. “The composition of the spiritual warfare that takes place at the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world” (Page 179-186)
  21. “The essential bible verses 50” (Page 187-192)

Appendix: Number Code 666 (Page 193-207)                                                  Q & A: Question and Answer (Page 208-212)                                                     ABBREVIATIONS (Page 213)

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