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New Mankind

                                                   Beyond Time & Space

 How to Start?

-The Summary Version of “The Revelation Opened by the Numbers Code”

Table of Contents


This book (The Reader’s Message),

 1. Provides answers to all intrinsic questions of the Bible,                     2. Tells us in detail about the ultimate results of having the faith,     3. Is the true textbook of salvation, resurrection and eternal life,   4. Is the guide for all existing churches,                                                               5. Is the manual for servants of God who is the kingdom and priest,                                                                                                                                           6. And, as the final fruits of the new covenant,                                               7. Shows the future of the progressed new spiritual humankind.

Preface (Page 3)                                                                                                                Main Topics                                                                                                                              

Current Situation of the Religious World (Page 6)

  1. Becoming “New Mankind” (Page 9)
  2. Joining in “The Seventh Wave” as the bride of Jesus (Page 23)
  3. The Seven Blessings of Revelation (Page 28)
  4. “The Mystery of the Seven Stars” (Page 32)
  5. “The Navigation of the Religious World Symbolized by the 1st /2nd /3rd Heaven, Earth and Sea” (Page 37)
  6. “The Structure of the Holy City” (Page 46)
  7. Participating in “The Kingdom of Christ” (Page 55)
  8. 12 Fruits of the One who overcomes toward Eternal Life (Page 65)
  9. Being like the Form of Jesus Shown in Revelation (Page 69)
  10. Overcoming difficult time (Page 75)
  11. Having the heart of “Believer’s Attitude” (Page 83)
  12. Keeping Jesus’ 3 main Commands for the eternal life (Page 91)
  13. Knowing “The mystery of God (Page 92)
  14. Symbolical Meanings of Representative Basic Numbers (Page 120)
  15. The achieving of the hope of the eternal life (Page 130)
  16. The little book within Revelation (Page 136)
  17. Comparisons of the Seven Churches and the Church in Philadelphia (Page 144)
  18. The Traits that the Churches Described in Revelation 2-3 Must Improve on (Page 164)
  19. Summary of major points of the Open Revelation (Page 174)
  20. “The composition of the spiritual warfare that takes place at the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world” (Page 193)                    

Appendix: Number Code 666 (Page 202)



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